Love Wait What Yes

by Violette Ultraviolet

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Written in a few days then recorded over four nights in November in a barn with a digital 8 track and 2 mics.

All songs by Jake Brennan
All instruments, arrangements, production by Jake Brennan and Rob Voland


released March 14, 2013

Lovers, Chatter- mixed by Jake and Rob
Leonard Coen, Confession, Maybe- mixed by Ryan Power

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all rights reserved


Violette Ultraviolet Burlington, Vermont

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Track Name: Lovers

lover where did you go
we’re all lovers deep in our souls
someone took mine
now I’m alone
now I want yours
everyone knows
she wrote me a letter
and finally got
the better of me
the better of us
what do I expect
why do they leave
why do we stay
I got eyes I see what’s going on

what is happening now?
am I really trying to do the same thing to somebody else
have I made it impossible
for someone else to sleep
cuz all you want is to hold a girl who you think is yours who you want to keep
in my bed
on the couch
move your toes
I move my hand
push my fingers
into yours
my heart could burst
I want you more
go back to bed
no hope for sleep
and now I smell your hair
on my pillow and sheets
it’s so bad
it’ so fucked
when you realize
what it is you want

we’re all lovers and we’re all fucked
Track Name: Leonard Coen
Loenard Coen

“what’s the matter why’d you feel so low?”
she asked and I said nothing because she knows
at least I think she does, cause she’s a smart girl, and I’m ready

what’s it mean when you fall for someone who
to want you back would be impossible
because she’s not yours, you know she’s not yours, but you can’t stop digging

oh don’t do anything
don’t laugh, don’t write, don’t touch me again
there’s nothing good that can come of it
I’m a jealous guy
and I can’t change that
this is serious and I’m heading to bring us all down

you could have god and take my holidays
I want you, plus god ain’t mine anyway
god’s not here to give me trinkets, or write you love songs

read for me I’ll only give you more
I’m so tiered now, I’d let you make me yours
do what you want now, I’m stuck in a dreamland, hurting whoever I can now

it’s not for us to win like this
I’ll talk and when I’ve lost I’ll drink until the room spins
I bought a ghost that I can really touch and I’ll make it sing for us
I’m so jealous I
want what I can’t have
this is familiar, and it’s so weird, I’m heading to bring us all down

I played the part of a lover who’s been left
I memorized the words so well I don’t need a script
I don’t remember ever asking to be so lucky

Feels just like hurricane
you need calm eyes to watch this kind of rain
I hear it through the walls, I hate the way they talk, some things don’t ever stop

don’t act like you really feel this way
don’t do this anymore unless you really mean it
it’s gotten bad enough you scared little kid
I’m jealous now
I’m angry how
this is daunting, familiar, and strange, I’ll be fine, see you later I’ll go away
Track Name: Chatter

on my way up one more hill
I gotta get up before the storm hits
hurricane’s coming just look at them skies
hangin’ overhead, I just realized why

I can’t look at you in your eyes for fun
I might say too much by accident
I’m coming closer—close in tight
when I look at you now I can’t say enough

plans are easy as long as your home
I see you sitting through the window
got nervous then you smiled nice
am I seeing this wrong or am I seeing this right

it’s hard for me and its hard for us
friends are easy then friends are tough
I notice what you’re sending me
if I don’t start it it’s ok probably

I didn’t want to look too hard
I know the trapdoors of our hearts
you can come in close but we can’t touch now
while we can see in light, not while the sun’s still out

I go out sometimes but I like it at home
I saw you pull up through the curtains on the door
I spoke without saying a word
can you tell me first what you think you heard

love, wait, what, yes
Track Name: Confession

roll out of bed roll me into a hospital
it’s too late for a real apocalypse
no one knows how we talked it through
hold my hand again lets go swimming

like two people wet under the moonlight
ditched our clothes back on the rocks
do you understand what I’m saying?
cuz if not I’d gladly spell it out
dreamt I got rolled into the hospital
forget the car I’m going in to the hospital
going out to hang at the hospital
if went to the hospital would you be my nurse?

hear my confession
some kind of confession
Track Name: Maybe

since I saw you the other night
I can’t stop thinking of you
you did that heart lung thing then we went out
held hands while we ran to the market

I’d been so good with you for so long
then it hit so sudden
you were safe and then just like that you weren’t
we turned a corner

say the word and I’ll stop I promise
don’t let me act like this is fine it’s not
last night I dreamt that you said you love me
some things are impossible and this is one I should not be here, saying I want you

it feels so good to think I could love someone again

tell me that this can’t go on
that it’s going nowhere, that it’s him you want
I’m sinking deeper into the thoughts
of you forever of us and I know I should not be here, I’ll listen to you

sorry I had to let you know